About Us

Meet Our Founders:
From The Streets To The Pulpit

Long story short, Seron D. Brooks (formerly known as Brookville) spent half of his life in the streets, juvenile institutions, and prison. His heart was far from God.

After an encounter with the True  Living God, he now travels around the world testifying about the goodness of Jesus Christ! Hear his powerful testimony! 

None of this is possible without his praying wife, Evangelist LaKisa Brooks who works alongside of him. Pastor Lakisa has her own dynamic story about the life of a stripper, unwed mother, and an incarcerated father prior to Christ. Together, they seek to convert ex-offenders, liars, prostitutes, cheaters, and whoever desires Christ. They also own multiple businesses. They are the current pastors of the Wilderness Center Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 No matter your current situation, together, they will push you into your destiny. Your purpose is still relevant. The proof is below!



Develop a BRIDGE of opportunity that supports the development of the “ONE NEW MAN”.

Building a foundation that brings strength and support through education, mentoring, job-readiness training that aids in building the whole man. 

Providing tools that will assist the needs of ex-offenders and individuals recover, discover, and uncover their God-given gifts and abilities to grow beyond their past mistakes, disappointments and life challenges. ICN will promote a champion mindset that will provide the individual the ability to grow beyond dependence to find independence and self-worth.